My Yoda Collection

I finally got around to taking pictures of my Yoda collection. It's a rather modest collection compared to this guy's. He has some Yodas I would like to acquire, but If I had that many Yodas, I would be on an episode of Hoarders because I don't even have room where I live now to display what you see in the pictures! I pulled this part of my collection out of a box I have stored away at my parent's house. I have about 10 more Yoda items at my house and some of my Yodas I actually put to use like my Yoda keychain. It helps me use the force to locate my car keys if ever I misplace them. I fabricated a Yoda pillow out of my brother's old original Star Wars blanket (pictured 3rd item to the Left, back row). It's one of the odd ball items in my collection. A lot of these items were given to me as gifts so I would like to thank those of you who have contributed to my obsession. Yoda is one of my all time favorite muses. On the big screen he's an all knowing powerful alien Jedi, and in real life, he's a puppet! He truly is an inspirational character, I aspire to create characters as likable as Yoda.


  1. I see you tagged Henry's Yoda Collection (this guys reference).... It happens to be for sale and I am the guy to contact if you are interested!

    In all honestly I am trying to find the right venue to advertise it... Can you be of any assistance? You can contact me at


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