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Monday, May 9, 2016

Organic Hair dye for Brunettes - Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

Here is my review/adventure log of Light Mountain Natural hair color!
I decided to try Light Mountain Natural hair color because I saw it at Sprouts, it said "natural" on it and the box's had cool illustrations for each color. I chose Chestnut, as you can see below, it has a picture of some seals on it. I thought the color would turn out more like a warm, roasty-red chestnut, but it actually came out way darker than I expected! I should of realized that it was going to come out the color of a slick, dark brown seal like the ones on the box. I saw one of the boxes had a fox on it. Maybe I should of picked that color, but either way, Chestnut came out really nice, just not red. So here is what the box looked like. 


Inside was a packet of green powder! Was not expecting that. This was the first time I had ever mixed a powdered dye before. 

The directions said to mix it with boiled distilled water and not to use any metal products with it! No pans, pots, spoons and such. 

So, instead of metal I used plastic tupperware and a glass bowl. 

I poured the distilled water into this glass bowl and heated it up in the microwave for 5 min! I can't believe it took that long, but it took 5 min for the water to get boiling. If you try this, definitely keep an eye on it and wait till you see the water boil. I don't like using microwaves, but I didn't know how else I could heat the water without using metal. Too bad I didn't live by a natural hot spring.

Then, I poured the green powder into the plastic tupperware and grabbed a plastic spoon for mixing. 

Next step, I poured the boiling water over the green powder and began to slowly mix. 

I mixed the dye till all the powder turned in to a creamy mixture. It smelled strongly of spinach! The instructions said if the mixture wasn't creamy enough, you could add organic yogurt to it, but I did not have yogurt at hand. 

Then I covered the mixture and let it sit for about 30 min. Apparently, some colors have to sit longer than others. The instructions will let you know how long the color you chose has to sit. 

The directions then said to apply the dye to clean, damp hair. So, after it sat for 30min, I began to apply it like any other regular hair dye to my clean, damp hair. I wore protective gloves and made sure to cover anything else I didn't want to get dye on. The texture was really, really thick. Almost like mud. It was hard for me to get it evenly spread throughout my hair. I tried the best I could, just slabbing it on and painting it through with my hands. There definitely was a generous amount of it and I was able to cover all my long hair. I used every last drop. Then I covered my hair with the plastic wrap that came inside the box and using a hair dryer on low heat, I moved the heat all around my head for about 5 min to keep the dye warm. I then wrapped my head, with the plastic still on it, in a towel. This also kept the dye warm. I left it on my hair for about 45 minutes to an hour as the directions instructed. At this point, I was a little worried because I couldn't really see a change in color yet, of course I was only looking at my bangs. They just looked like my regular dark, brown hair. I didn't see any red. I was still thinking that the color I had chose was going to be some shade of red. After 45 minutes, the dye started to get really liquid-y again and some of it was starting to drip down my face. So I wiped it with a tissue and on the tissue, the dye was turquoise! Umm, ok, then, I really started to worry, but I kept my cool. I had also read that some colors might have to stay on your hair for up to 4 hours?! I didn't have time for that. I figured the worse that could happen was it would either not take, or it would dye my hair turquoise which wouldn't bother me much since I've had my hair crazy colors before. I decided it was time to wash it out because I figured it wasn't working. I was so WRONG! It totally worked! But, the dye was not red at all. It was a really lovely dark shade of brown. The only read in my hair was the red coming through on the hairs that I had trouble getting the thick dye on. The whole process was so different for me. I had never mixed hair color like this before and I never would of guessed the color would turn out so dark. The back of the box shows dark brown hair looking like a dark auburn. I was expecting that color, but instead I got this. My picture with the new color is below. It's pretty and I like it. I would only recommend this hair dye to adventurous DIY hair color enthusiacst because the process and the results vary big time and you have to follow the instructions exactly, or it could go very wrong and be a waste of time and money, but it's organic and that was my favorite thing about it!

What do you think? Would you try Light Mountain Natural hair color?

Before (my natural color is a mix between, light brown, dark brown and red hairs. In this picture, my roots are natural and the rest has an auburn color over it. I had used a chemical dye about 5 months before.)


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