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Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Vacation

I'm on a summer vacation currently blogging from my aunt's house in Queensbury, NY. Living in L.A. I am deprived of farmland and green trees. I am amusing my aunt every time I stop to take a picture of trees, tractors and cows. I love the country! Before I arrived in New York, I stayed a week with another one of my aunts, at her home in Barlett, Illinois. We took a train to Chicago last Saturday and my cousin Ryne Norton helped me out with somewhat of an art project I had been wanting to produce. I bought this awesome cheerleading outfit from Glitters For Dinner . Being a former cheerleader ( in 7th and 8th grade :-P) and also loving anything extraterrestrial, I  had to get it. Ryne photographed me in front of the spacey-est sculpture in Chicago, The Bean. He is also an artist and a fashion stylist. I LOVE how the pictures came out! My cousin Hunter Norton, who is also a former cheerleader ( in competitive cheer), was my cheer director coaching me through my poses. I love my talented cousins and could not have pulled this photoshoot off without them!

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