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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Harry Potter Costume

I threw this costume together for the Harry Potter Skate Night at Moonlight Rollerway. I would love to one day have a proper Gryffindor uniform, but last night I gathered a few items together to create this illusion. I wore my favorite black cape that my grandmother made and was passed down to me by my aunt. I paired it with my favorite LBD (little, black, dress) that has a white baby doll collar. I borrowed a scarf from my brother that isn't quite the right colors, but it captured the right feel. And last, I took a trip to Party City for a Harry Potter costume tie and I pinned that to my dress. My instagram post was an entry for Best Transfiguration post in the L.A. Dumbledore's Army Instagram contest and I WON! But I forgot to check back to my instagram to see if I won so, I didn't know till I got home! It was too late to go back to pick up my prize, but I was still thrilled they chose my post as a winner!

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