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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All Natural!

My hair is all back to it's natural color! And I still have urges to put strands of bright color in it. It's been years since I've had my natural color. I got real busy with work and just trying to live and live healthy, that I didn't have the extra hours it takes to bleach, dye and condition colored hair. After many hair washes, fading dye and just letting it grow out, I'm back to being an auburn head. I'm still using Alba Hawaiian Shampoo and I found a conditioner that I love ( I get it at Spouts) it's Italian Red Grape Conditioner by Desert Essence. Also, I'm getting gray hair!! :-C So to touch up any gray hairs, I continue to use hair dye by Tints of Nature. They also sell Tints of Nature at Spouts too. I love their hair colors, they are so natural and rich looking. I swear that their hair dye and conditioner has also helped restore shine and softness back into my hair.

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