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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Halloween! Maleficent Cosplay Costume

I attended Disneyland's Mickey's Halloween Party this week and I didn't know my costume would be such a hit. I mean, I knew I would look a lot like Maleficent, but I figured lots of people would be wearing costumes there so, I didn't think I would get that much attention. To my surprise, I got a fair amount of compliments from staff workers, but the most surprising to me were all the little kids who would come up to talk to me because they wanted to meet Maleficent! I feel bad I couldn't take pictures with them all. It said in the Disneyland rules that guests in character costumes are not allowed to pose for pictures with other guests at the park. I suppose they don't want people to get guests confused with the character actors. According to one cute little girl who sat next to me on the Disneyland train and talk to me the whole ride, I looked like "a real witch." That's probably the best compliment I could have received haha!

My costume was comprised of a black velvet outfit from a garage sale and the headpiece I created myself from scratch, although, the horns I purchased at Halloween Town in Burbank. I did my own make-up which took me two hours! I found the perfect pale green from Kryolan cosmetics in Green Veil.

I don't think I will dress like this again to Disneyland Halloween because it caused quite a commotion. I felt like a celebrity, but then again Maleficent IS a movie star. I think this costume will be good for maybe a convention where I would complete the costume with Maleficent's actual robe and staff. That would be fun.

Filling in for #DarthVader Its an evil job, but somebodies gotta do it. @starwars #disney #mashup #stormtroopers #maleficent #starwars

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  1. I mean, I knew I would look a lot like Maleficent, but I figured lots of ...