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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rich Copper Brown

In my last blog entry, I attended the wedding shower of my soon-to-be cousin. Well now it's official! This past weekend, my cousin David married my new cousin Valerie and they are both the nicest people. It's no wonder they found each other. David is a Taurus and Valerie is a Sagittarius, like me!

The picture of me above, was taken by my cousin Ryne ( I have lots of cousins). After the wedding ceremony, at the Santa Barbara court house, the guests had two hours till the reception and what better way to kill time than a PHOTO-SHOOT!

My hair has grown really fast. Within 5 months I have trimmed my bangs twice. Now they are at a less edgy length. I wanted to re-dye the tips of my hair before the wedding because, where the left over purple use to be, it had faded to gray :( My mom suggested this hair dye she found at the health food store. It turned out to be the perfect color! It covered the gray and it's been 4 washes in and hasn't faded yet. It made my hair so shiny too!

It's called Tints of Nature and the color was Rich Copper Brown. I dyed the gray tips first and I didn't really need to re-dye ALL of my hair, so I got the idea to take a comb, squeeze some hair dye on to it and then brush the comb from my roots to the tips. It sort of created some highlights, but over all blended the color nicely.

So that's what's up with my hair. In other news, I just finished illustrating a baby board book about baby animals that I loved working on and the next book in the series is going to be on insects. I'll be spending some time on how to make a spider look cute :-0

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