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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Hair Color Timeline

I put together a timeline of my hair color over a course of 4 years from 2011 up until now. I wanted to see the change. I decided to cut my hair into a bob cut to get rid of the hair that was damaged from multiple hair coloring processes. It's also getting super hot here in Southern California and having to blow dry my hair in the heat is the worst. My color went from golden brown, in 2011, to auburn, bright red, washed out orange, purple, lavender, magenta briefly and then back to purple. At this moment, (as you can see in the picture directly below) my natural hair color has grown in and only the front ends have the lingering color of purple. I still touch up the purple in the front about every month with my last bottle of purple dye. I haven't decided what I will do next after the bottle runs out, but at the moment I am enjoying my shiny undamaged roots for the first time in years. I just wish it naturally grew in purple :-D

This picture was part of a photoshoot I did to enter a contest for Milani cosmetics and because I was one of the 1st 500 to enter, I got a free lipstick! I'm wearing black pencil liner and silver eye shadow by Milani. 

1 comment :

  1. I love all these colors on you. I've been thinking about something different myself...maybe a splash of pink. Love the new haircut...very becoming on you!