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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Favorite TV shows to watch

I wanted to share my favorite TV shows to watch! I'm attracted to three qualities when I watch a show; epic story,  awesome acting, and quality set/ art direction/ wardrobe. These shows below are some of my favorite shows!

Being Human (american version): It aired on SYFY and just ended with a season finale this week :( It's about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost and they all live together, become best friends and just try to live life like any normal person would except they are obviously not normal haha!

GIRLS: A series on HBO. I don't really like the naked-ness in it, but it's on HBO so I guess they feel that's like their staple, but other than that, I love the story. It's a lot like real life. Really strange, unpredictable and sometimes perfect. It's just about a girl named Hannah and her girl friends. Each character has their own little story. It's a lot like sex in the city, but way more hip and humorous.

Made In Chelsea: A reality show in the U.K. I LOVVEEE this show! So much. I've seen every episode and it is on it's 7th season! It never gets old. A bunch of rich, young, people living in the posh town of Chelsea, London. They are all charming and dressed to the nines. The production value of this show is better than any american reality show I've seen, set to a trendy soundtrack. The love triangles are out of control as well which keeps me watching.

Other favorite shows that I like, but sometimes don't follow as religiously:

Vikings a historic drama on the History channel: Story is kinda hard to follow because of the constant fast passing of characters entering stories and then exiting, but the art direction and costumes are wonderful.

The Big Bang Theory a sitcom on CBS: I take a liking to this show so much that it's one of those shows where I will watch the re-runs. I relate so much to the subject matters that are discussed on this show that it's not even funny, but it is :-D

Castle a dramedy on ABC: I normally don't like cop or detective/homicide dramas, but Castle puts a different spin on the genre. Sometimes it dabbles in the super natural areas, almost reminding me of X-files, but adds a light hearted humor to solving murders. I didn't think that was possible, but Castle does it and it's great. I also love Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic because they are both great actors and good-looking people. I can't wait for the Castle wedding!

Parent Hood a drama on NBC: Another show that has amazing acting, a lot of crying and fighting and crisis and resolutions, it's a roller coaster of emotions. It also has Tyson Ritter from the All American Rejects in it and I always feel proud when a musician can respectfully carry on an acting role.

COPS a reality show: This show plays on two channels I know of, SPIKE TV and CMT. I seriously love this show because it is so strange and un predictable with crazy characters that you can't even make any of it up! It's way more exciting than scripted cop shows. I think anyone who writes for a cop drama should watch COPS because it's way more intense. I get a lot of inspiration for character drawings from this show too!

Shark Tank a reality show on ABC: I finally found a show where I can really relate to the characters. I'm a shark!! if something isn't going to make money, than you better leave it as your hobby and don't you dare ask anyone to invest in it. Why would they let YOU loose THEIR money? I pretty much just watch this show to see shady business people get put in their places by the sharks and to hear the sharks say, " I'm out."

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