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Monday, April 21, 2014

90's Fashion

As I was searching through some of my old storage boxes, I found my collectable backpacks from the 90's and I thought I would share. 90's fashion has really come back in style over the last two years. I loved Sailor Moon when I was in Jr. High and purchased this backpack, but I can't remember where I bought it at. It's practically in brand new condition. I don't think I wore it much because it was so "flashy". I also love the red Hello Kitty backpack. It's the classic, red-design, Hello Kitty. I think she looks best on a red background and that design will always be my favorite. Then there is the pink bear. I remember I bought it at a store called Contempo where the styles filling up the store at that time were baby tees, plaid skirts, clogs and thigh-high stockings.
Now that I have matured into a modern woman -_^, these backpacks are just part of my fashion accessories collection.  Items to save in case I ever need them for a costume or any other special occasion, or to pass on to future youngsters.  But, the bubble backpack...OMG! So cool! I think I am still young enough to pull that one off right? haha! I have decided to bring it back in to my wardrobe. The last two pictures are of some cute dolls I had collected back then :-3 and a mesh, Rocky Horror Picture Show, top. I haven't worn that since the 90's, but it's too awesome to give away. Oh, and by the way, did you notice? I cut my hair!


  1. Completely awesome! Brings back some definite memories and I totally think you should rock that bubble backpack! Liking what I can see of the cut...very cute!

    1. Thanks Anita! Yeah, I had so many flashbacks searching through my boxes. I've also been meaning to get around to taking new pictures of my hair, the purple color is only on the tips now :-O