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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Face Off Creatures

One of my favorite shows on television is SyFy channel's Face Off because they create mystical creatures on that show. I also have fun imagining what I would create if given the challenges the contestants face. So, I decided to work on a creative exercise for myself. Each week I watch Face Off, if I find the challenge inspiring, I'm going to see what creatures I can come up with. This weeks challenge was to create an alien who's planet was having an environmental crisis.  Some of the topics to chose from were, a dying sun, famine, melting ice caps, disease and I couldn't remember them all, but I decided to pick dying sun and melting ice caps. Here are my designs that I wish I could of seen on Face Off!

melting ice caps alien

close up
 My inspiration for the alien who's planet has melting ice caps, I thought of polar bears morphing into aquatic creatures with awesome pastel genie outfits :-D

dying sun alien

close up 
My alien who's planet has a dying sun is a reptilian type creature who likes warm weather, but since the sun is dying, he wears a body temp controlled suit and his eye's are sort of a green-blue to reflect the hazy red-orange sun. His suit totally came out looking like a cyborg from Star Trek next gen, but I just went with it. I'm sure if I were working on this for a real character design I would re-design it to look different.

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