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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pastel Lipstick!

My friend Tiffany introduced me to Daiso Japan. It's a dollar store that carries products from Japan. I found these amazing lipsticks. I want to go back and buy them all now. They were only $1.50 each in the store. I got these three colors but they also had a baby blue color, and an orange and even a lime green!
The company that distributes these lipsticks in the U.S. is called Kleancolor and they have an array of outstanding alternative colors. On-line it looks like they go for $1.99 each which is considerably less than the $18.00 lipsticks that Lime Crime offers. I have both a stick of Lime Crime and these Kleancolor lipsticks and I honesty saw no difference in quality, but I didn't research what the Kleancolors lipsticks are made out of. So if you are looking for make-up that is gluten free and such, I can't tell you if this lipstick is or not. You would have to do more research on that, but if you are just simply looking for a color dupe, it's a dead ringer. The color I'm wearing in the picture is called "Cast Of Spell" and looks pretty much identical to Lime Crime's D'lilac.

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