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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Magenta Fairy Hair

I did a new color! I wanted to do a magenta to purple ombre, but I got really excited and put the magenta color all over my hair. I then added purple to the ends over the magenta, but you can't really tell the difference. Maybe as it starts to fade the purple will show more. I also cut myself some fairy/elf bangs.

The colors I used in my hair are Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink Amplified, over my faded purple hair and Manic Panic's Violet Night on the ends which you can't really tell it's there. My feather headband I made myself.

There are a few things to note about Hot Hot Pink. It stains!! Very fast. If even a bit of it gets on your skin, it's stained pink. It can also stain your sink if you don't have stain remover to lift out the stain. The color also bleeds. I had my hair under the water for the longest time and the color just kept running out. I even shampooed my hair while I was rinsing the excess dye out and still the color was running. I would recommend using towels you don't mind being stained pink, or pink towels, when drying your hair.

I will see how this colors fades. As I mentioned, I shampooed the color because I was afraid it would be too bright, but that didn't matter, the color was still so bright after I shampooed. I can't imagine what this color would look like on hair that was bleached blonde. It would be so neon bright. I put this color over my faded purple and it still came out very bright.

My final thoughts are, I like it, I think it's pretty and I hope it takes the blueish gray away that was fading through in my hair previously and I also am dreading my next hair wash cause it's going to be bleeding pink all over :-O

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