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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Space Pop Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot to test out my new LED video light. I love my new light! it's totally pro. I put some colored gels over the light and it created this saturated glow to the photographs. I thought it looked like I was on another planet. So I grabbed my costume space helmet and added some silver to my lips and eyes to match the silver in my helmet and dress. That's pretty much how the art direction in these photographs was born. The yellow and green colors were not filters in Photoshop, they were made with the colored gels over my light. My silver lipstick was actually just silver eyeliner. I love this silver eyeliner I have by L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Chrome eyeliner in Silver Lightning.  It's the perfect color of Silver sparkle and is creamy enough to make in to a lipstick. The next piece of equipment I need is a monitor so I can see if I'm in the frame of the camera. That's the current challenge I have when taking self portraits. I can't tell if my arm is getting cut off or what!

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