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Friday, September 27, 2013

GTA 5 Review by Female Clueless Gamer who is Not So Clueless

I am not a hardcore gamer, except for my Peggle Master achievement that I was awarded on the xbox. Which I am very proud of. I guess I'm more of a social gamer and my favorite games are Peggle, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, Altered Beasts, Nintendo Ice Hockey, Super Meat Boy and World of War Craft. Those are probably my top 7 games. I have others, but those are the games that appeal to me visually combined with their level of challenge. I can play these games without losing the idea that playing games is suppose to be fun.

My boyfriend had been playing GTA 5 all last week and he was having a lot of fun with it. The internet was going crazy about it. Some reviews good and others questioning wether games like this should even exist in a world filled with un-supervised children gamers. I wanted to see for myself what all the hoopla was about, so I asked him if I could play some of the game on his console...

Here is my personal Grand Theft Auto 5 gamer review:

LOL! This game is ridiculous. I suppose the ridiculousness of the game is part of it's appeal to fans. The subject matter of the game is basically living out the fantasy of being an extreme loser and a horrible person. The main characters are criminal types who kill people and break a lot of laws in a modern day city. You, as the player, get to do all these horrible things in GTA first-hand!

The game takes place in a real world environment so right off the bat I was a little sad to discover that I couldn't play as a female character. Being a female myself, I think I would of felt more connected to the fantasy if I were able to play as one. I hope the development team thinks about having a meth-dealing hooker, female, main character if there is a GTA 6.

My general gameplay impression was it's like The Sims at times or WoW where you can do a mission, but then also walk into a barber shop to get your hair cut in to a mullet or walk into a clothing store to get a pair of dirty sweat pants. As I tested out one of the missions, I played as a dirty white man who stole a car and I needed to drive it to the location the yellow arrow on the map was pointing to. I'm kind of horrible with 3D controls, so as I drove the stolen car, I was crashing into telephone poles and other cars. However, I safely made it to my destination on top of a weedy hill. I get out of the car and now I have to switch to a rifle weapon. My next task is to snipe these guys coming out of what appears to be a meth lab. Through the scope, I line up my shots as best I can. I wasn't very fast at this. I was trying to be real specific with my shots because you know, I was sniping! I didn't want to miss, but I ended up missing a few shots and then the other guys spotted me. I killed mostly all of them except for this one guy who was not in my line of vision. My boyfriend pointed out to me that the guy was over to the right of the screen and was shooting at me, but I saw nothing and therefore I was shot and killed by the invisible man and my mission failed. At that moment, wether it was the frustration I had with not being able to see correctly in the game or the disappointment I felt in failing at being a make-believe criminal, I had lost my desire to continue on playing the game that day :(

I have to admit I was a little scared to play based on what I heard people saying about it. There is a strip club in it, I heard you can kill hookers and there is a torture scene? Thankfully what I played through wasn't all that bad. Believe it or not, driving a car and sniping meth cooks amazingly didn't feel that real due to the fact that the graphics aren't super realistic looking which keeps the game, in some twisted way, charming. But this game definitely is not for kids. It's an adult fantasy game, so if parents are letting their kids play this game without supervision, then good luck with the consequences.

The soundtrack was a little odd. As I was playing, my character was driving down a highway and crashing into whatever stood in the way, but I swear I thought I heard Cyndi Lauper singing. Maybe it wasn't her, but I just wasn't sure if 80's pop music was a fitting soundtrack for that scene. It didn't matter too much though because I was concentrating more on trying to drive a car with wacky, disneyland teacup, controls.

My over all rating for the game, drum roll please...

3 out of 5 stars!!!

-on Noël's make-believe video game rating system that has nothing to do with anything! But really my rating is inconclusive because for one, I didn't play the whole game and two, I can't comprehend the fantasy of wanting to be a criminal and why that appeals to a wide audience and a young audience at that. It is a little alarming that it does! I don't understand it so I have no business judging it. I just hope everyone continues to have fun while they play and doesn't do anything in real life that you get to do in this game!

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  1. Good review! Yeah, I'll stick to my Metal Gears, Metroids, and Zeldas. But, if you want to shoot and kill things in a game, I would recommend HALO and Borderlands. Those are my favorite shooters!