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Friday, August 2, 2013

The "Fake Geek Girl" Thing, Is Strange

I had no idea that this was an issue till last winter when I tweeted about something ( I can't remember what it was) and then a twitter account, @1_Reason_Why, standing up against sexual harassment and discrimination in the gaming industry, tagged me. No one was calling me a fake geek, but because of 1 Reason, the "fake geek girl" issue was brought to my attention. I found it so strange that apparently girls who liked subject matter that fits in to the geek/nerd sub-culture were being called "fake" by fellow male fanboys who were also in to that subject matter. They didn't believe that these girls actually liked comic books and video games, or played dungeons and dragons. That these girls were using the subject matter to grab the attention of males who do. Almost like "catfishing!" Then these poor girls had to go out of their way to prove themselves! It sounds like elementary school problems, but it's a real problem amongst grown adults.

It seems as though the fake geek girl is still a problem. Geek icons and geek celebrities are doing their best to speak out against the issue and fight back, along with various geek girls around the country. They tweet about it and blog about it and make videos about it. Popular geek blogs around the web promote the videos in hopes that their male followers will come to a realization that there are indeed women who like the same things they do.

I'm female and I'm very into a lot of things that are considered to be in the geek culture genre. It's mainly because, as an artist, I love fantasy and Sci-Fi and out-of-this-world epic-ness. It inspires me so I study it and know a lot about it. I have never come across the problem of being called a "fake geek girl"(knock on wood) and I think I know why...because I simply never declared myself as a geek and I still do not. Maybe I'm in denial, but really I know I'm just Noël who likes aliens and magic. It's very simple.

Is anyone sure where the fake geek girl originated from?

It wasn't hard for me to notice that there are female bloggers out there who went from xxx models to geek girl bloggers. Maybe some of those girls might of started the fake geek girl trend by dressing in sexy cosplay costumes and overly admitting they love playing video games and reading comics just to be adored by unsuspecting, awkwardly-social, geek men. Until the male geeks caught on to their little scheme and called them out (duh, girls, geeks and nerds are SMART!). Then the fake geek girls got all embarrassed their jig was up and had to come back defending themselves. Maybe some of those girls really did like geeky stuff, but they went wrong when they tried using it as bait. Never play with what nerds love. This all might  of snowballed into paranoia that all girls who are in to geeky things are faking it and guys must call them out. Now every girl must defend herself! And so it continues...

But I know what to do!

Just IGNORE the HATERS. Don't feel you need to defend yourself. Because first of all everyone who is claiming you are fake, doesn't even know you, so why waste your time on trying to prove them wrong? If you are what you are, just keep going and being yourself.

 Also, you don't need to claim you are a "geek" because in the history of society, geeks and nerds are not cool. Yep, I said it, they are not cool. The definition of a real nerd or geek is a person who is highly intelligent in one or more subjects, but they lack social abilities and that is not cool. Being intelligent AND able to socially communicate is what's cool.  Another thing that geeks and nerds do is TRY to be cool rather than be themselves. The fact that they are trying to be cool while people can see it's clearly not working, makes them a huge nerd.

So, in conclusion, girls who are defending themselves as being real geek girls are very much so because only a true geek would want to be a geek because they think it's "cool." (Whoa, that sentence is kind of trippy, but think about it...)

To all the girls having fake geek girl issues, my advice is to just continue on loving what you love and never claim yourself to be anything other than YOU.

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