How To Dye Your Hair Purple: Fade Results

I think it's been about three weeks since I last touched up my purple hair. I basically just re-applied Violet Night by Manic Panic to all of my hair except the front and tips where I had it pink and blue before. I decided to try a prettier pastel-like color in my bangs so I chose Electric Amethyst, also by Manic Panic. It washed out very quickly. I wash my hair every other day and as you can see the Violet Night fades very nicely to a lavender, but I didn't have much luck with Electric Amethyst. It faded to a silvery-gray-blue. I'm not really loving the gray-blue, so I think the next time I do a touch up, I might try a purple-ish magenta in my bangs and the tips or just do all Violet Night again.

Here are some pictures I took. The first one is with a cooler photo light and the other two are with a warmer photo light. The high-lights and low-lights in my hair really show through when the color starts to fade. To create the multiple tones of purple in my hair, I lighted my bottom layer of hair once so it stayed at a darker tone then I created more high-lights on the top of my hair by bleaching those hairs about three times. That's as much as I will bleach my hair. If I bleach it anymore it will break and look very dry and awful. You have to be careful when bleaching your hair. You don't want to over do it or it will get very damaged. Everyone's hair is different though, you just have to sort of listen to your hair! haha! I hope that makes sense. My hair was telling me, "no more bleach."

My hair, back view:

Colors in my hair:

This is a good example of how Electric Amethyst turned out in my hair. This is a OOAK human hair clip-in by Etsy seller Malignant Designs.


  1. I think that's a nice colour for you:-). I was thinking about colouring my hair, but I'm not that brave.

    I couldn't find the Following Button here, but I would love to follow your Blog.
    Hopefully that's not the wrong place to ask you this, but do your also ship some of your paintings to Germany?

  2. Hello Neele! Thanks! I guess you do have to be sorta brave to color your hair a lot and not be afraid to make mistakes on it. I have in the past. One time I had to rush to the salon because I tried to bleach my hair and it didn't work. I ended up with an orange-greenish color! But I found that it just grows back and I'm not afraid if I ever have to cut it all off. I've had my hair very short before and it's a lot easier to manage that way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Recently I've noticed that Blogger got rid of the follow button on their headers, but since you mentioned it, I just added a widget to the side of this blog where you can choose to follow it >

    I can find out how much it might cost to shop one of my paintings to Germany, but it depends on which one you were thinking of. Some of my paintings are already sold and some of them are too big to ship! I need to update my paintings page to give more info on which ones are available for purchase. I also have prints of some of my paintings available here and those do ship worldwide. Sometimes there is free worldwide shipping promotions at Soceity6 so I will remember to post the discount link here when it's available :)

  3. Hello! I'm loving your blog :D

    I absolutely love the colour you've achieved. I'm planning to dye my hair purple as well and I wanted to use manicpanic to keep the colour fresh but I'm worried about it staining my clothes! What's your experience with that? Does it bleed after every wash or just the first few, if at all? And any advice about using it?

    xx. Ingrid

    1. Hi Ingrid! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
      When I use Manic Panic it does stain clothes, carpets, and bathroom sinks and tile! so be as careful as you can. I know it can get real messy for me when I dye my hair so I try to cover as much of my bath room with old towels so that if any dye flies around or drops on the ground, it will stain the towel and not the room. I can't really cover my sink when I dye my hair so after I'm done, I use Oxy Clean stain remover and where ever the dye fell, I just let a wet spot of Oxy Clean sit on it and in a few minuets the stain lifts away. I also wear latex gloves and a big old shirt when I dye my hair because the dye straight from the bottle will stain your hands and fabric.

      When I rinse the color out, the excess dye drains out the first time of course, but after that, the only time I see color wash out is when I shampoo and it's only a little bit. This purple color tends to stick for a real long time. like if your hair suddenly got wet again, in the rain or in a pool, the color shouldn't bleed out. I've only experienced that when I shampoo.

  4. Hi! Love the color of your hair! I just dyed my hair purple for the first time and I was wondering if you could help me with the color for when it fades a little :)

    I had (color treated) beigey medium blonde hair and I used Violet (mixed with conditioner) by Punky Color. It came out a little too dark for me (but I know that part will fade) but my other concern was it was a little too electric or "true" purple when I wanted a more silver or blue based purple. Is there any way to add a dye over my hair now that would color correct it? Or once it fades some if I mix some blue/silver in with my purple dye will it acheive the color I'm looking for?

    Any advice will help! Like I said I'm a newby to this :)

    Thank you!!

    1. Hey Brittany, thanks! I would suggest after your color fades a little more, to mix a blue dye with the violet color and the conditioner. That will definitely tone the color down so it's not so vivid. The first purple color I ever put in my hair (Purple Plum by Rage) had a bluer base and that is the color that really stained my lightened hair so when the purple or pink tones fade the bluer/silver tones always show through. I haven't used Punky color in a while so I couldn't tell you exactly what color blue would be best to mix with the purple. When I dyed the tips of my hair blue, I used Bad Boy Blue by manic panic and that color also faded to a very silvery blue color. I hope my suggestions help!

  5. I love your lip color in these pictures ! What is it ?

    1. Hi Emily! I got the color about two years ago. It's by MAC cosmetics and it's called Sheen Supreme lipstick in the color Gotta Dash! The florescent lighting in the picture makes the color more subdued, but it's really a very pretty peach.


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