How To Dye Your Hair Purple: Update!

I did a photo shoot to show my hair color at the moment. I added a lighter streak in to my bangs. This spacey-looking owl was sitting near the pool at my parent's house so I decided to take a picture with it. I call this look- the Moon Base Princess-look, like I'm a Princess Peach on a moon base with this alien looking owl. He kind of looks like a fat Bubo from Clash of the Titians. 

I finally feel as though I'm getting to the point where I've mastered my purple hair dying routine. Now that all my old hair has been through it's bleaching stages and dyed over purple twice, all I have to keep up with is my roots and touching up any faded color. I don't dye my roots very often. Luckily purple seems to be the same value as my natural hair color (mousy, gold, red, brown) so when my roots grow in, I can go a long while before it's really noticeable. I also don't like to bleach too close to my scalp. I always leave at least a half inch of my natural hair for my pores to hold on to.
I found a really good hair lightening box color! You should be able to find it at your local market or drug store. I found this one at CVS. It's by Loreal and it's called Feria Absolute Platinum. This color lightened my hair even more than the Loreal Extra Bleach Blonde I used the first time. With my hair basically platinum blonde, the color I put in really sticks. Especially purple. Purple, I've noticed, when put in to very bleached hair- hardly fades! Blue, however, still tends to fade and the fading color is not very pretty looking to me. It's like a grey muddy color when it fades.

After lightening my hair, I add in my favorite go-to purple color by Manic Panic, Violet Night! I love this color so much. It's the prettiest purple in the hair coloring world right now. Reminds me of the purple hair my She-Ra and JEM dolls had. 
I added some low-lights to my hair with Manic Panic, Bad Boy Blue, which is a very pretty Peacock-looking blue, but I mix it with Violet Night and it becomes a beautiful, midnight, space-galaxy, blue. Only thing, is that this color tends to fade to that ugly muddy, grey that I am not too fond of, but while it's freshly dyed, its so pretty. 
Also I added a streak of Manic Panic, Mystic Heather, to my bangs. This is my other new favorite color  I think. I really do love the lavender-pink-ish color that fades very nicely in blonde hair. It leaves blonde hair tinted slighted which still looks very nice. Only thing, it fades super quickly. If you want to keep the true color in and you wash your hair every other day almost (like I do) than, you might have to touch up every week!

Oh! and "the taking care of your hair after you have colored it so much" part! I have a few things that have been working great for me. I'm so afraid of my hair becoming destroyed, but so far, so good. I've been washing my hair with Loreal, Ever Pure, Smooth Shampoo. This shampoo is free of the sulfates that strip color of the hair. 
Then I condition with this conditioner that I found in the gluten-free/natural foods section at Ralph's, Alba Botanica, hawaiian conditioner in color preserving plumeria. This conditioner also does not contain sulfates and smells really good ^_^ 
When I'm done shampooing and conditioning, I spray in some Suave detangling spray! It's suppose to be for kids, but grown ups can use it too. It helps keep the weak, bleached hairs from getting tangled so that when you brush through your hair, the hairs won't break. You can spray it on wet or dry hair. I do both anytime my hair is tangled so that I can prevent less breakage. This also smells good. I have the dutch apple scented one with a stressed looking, purple, octopus on it, haha! 
I also finish off my hair with some anti-frzz, pomegranate gree tea, serum by Organix. It helps keep my hair looking glossy. 

And there you have it! My purple hair routine. It doesn't take long at all. The only part that takes long is when I blow dry and curl my hair! It takes forever because my hair is getting longer :- o 


  1. Did you have to originally lighten your hair to a white stage in order to achieve this purple? I bleached my hair to a light yellow color because I want to go lavender but I was told I need to go white for the purple to show up! Also how does it look when it's fading? Thanks!

    1. Hi!, If you want to go Lavender, I believe you would have to get it as light as possible, so a white blonde would be ideal to achieve the pure color of lavender. Whatever tones are in your hair before you put the color in, those tones will determine how light or dark the color will show up. That is why I have highlights and low lights in my color because some hairs bleached blonder than others and those are the hairs that really took the bright color.
      When the Violet Night by Manic Panic fades, it actually looks very pretty. It pretty much fades to a nice subtle lavender color. It fades much slower than other colors I have tried that's one of the reasons I like this color so much. It's a little lower maintenance.
      You might already know, but Manic Panic now has a Pastelizer, which you can mix with any of their colors to create a pastel color. I think Violet Night would probably be very pretty with the Pastelizer, but yeah, I'm thinking your hair would need to be white blonde to pick up the vivd Lavendar color like this
      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Hey Lili Tea, just wanted to let you know that your comment inspired my latest post about what my hair color looks like faded. I have pictures here:

  2. Hi, I really want to have purple hair, not quite as bright as yours (as great as it looks on you) but also not dark dark so it looks black. Somewhere in between :) (pics at the bottom)
    I have somewhat olive skin, black eyebrows and hazel eyes, my hair was naturally a warm medium brown. Over the last year I've been dying my hair red with all sorts of permanent hair dyes and when I took the colour off with colourb4 in the summer - VOILA - it turns out I have proper ginger hair underneath now! And by that I mean almost as intense as a 7.4 orange hairdye from Loreal... Haha, the power of bleach stretched out over 8 months worth of dying!
    But anyway, if I put purple dye on that (i have crazy colour hot purple and the directions violet to choose from), will it actually come out purple? or do i need to lighten my hair further? (not too keen, i'm trying to reduce damage...) I have PLENTY of hair. Length halfway down my back, wavy and THICK, so you see how every hair dye i buy is twice the costs, simply because i need that much of it!

    Any advice? I love all the info you have here and you have experience, so I'd love to hear more. I'm looking for sth like that:
    or that:
    (i am similarly coloured to the girl in the first photo too)

    thank you!

    1. Hi Paulina! The hair color in these pictures you shared is really pretty. The first time I dyed my hair purple, it was similar to what you have described with your hair. I had red hair with box dyes that soon faded to a light copper color, but more of a dark copper blonde. I tested a stand of hair with purple dye over the dark copper blonde and it came out a muddy blue-gray! So then I used another blonde box color to remove more of the brassy-ness from my hair. That helped, and when I added in the purple, it came out very close to the color you are looking for. Like a nice darker shade of purple. After that, I still wanted to go brighter and more on the “cooler” purple side, like a violet, so that’s when I bleached my hair and then added in the purple which made it very bright. I would suggest definitely not to bleach your hair with a powder bleach because it will probably be very bright and I know you mentioned you didn’t want it as bright.

      Based on the color you describe that you have now, which sounds like a pretty intense copper tone, I'm thinking if you add purple to it, it might come out close to this color:
      Sort of like a magenta purple, but you should test out on two strands of hair, the two different dyes you have to see the results. The Directions violet looks like a cooler purple tone and there might be the possibility of it coming out that blue-gray color when mixed with the color you have now. But the Crazy Colour purple looks warmer and that might work. It’s hard to tell until you test it.

      If neither of the purples come out in the test to the shade you want, then I would suggest using another color on your hair that can get it to a dark blond like this: where it can cover most of the orange but doesn't bleach it platinum blonde. But definitely do some test strands with the dyes on the hair color you have now and see how it goes. I would like to hear your results, so come back and share if you remember to, thanks! :)

  3. Hi I bleached my hair and it turned out orange! What purple dyes should I use to cover up the orange? I don't want to bleach my hair again because the bleach I used really messed up my hair and made it feel really damaged I just want to cover up the orange because it doesn't go with my skin tone what do you suggest?

    1. Hi Stephanie! I've had orange hair before too. It's what happens when I try to go from red to blonde, it always turns orange. I would suggest really pigmented, bright dyes like Manic Panic or Punky color. Purple Haze and Violet Night are really pigmented and should cover the orange with a prettier purple-ish color.It might be more on the magenta purple side because of the orange, but will be darker and toned down rather than a shocking purple. Any other manic panic purple color will not be strong enough unless your hair was more at an ashy blonde. Or Punky colors Purple should be very pigmented as well and will probably look pretty. But whatever you do, don't use any colors by Ion because they are not strong enough. I tested an ion purple in my hair before I lightened it more and my hair was already at a very light orange/red and the color was muddy gray!

  4. You totally look gorgeous sporting those purple locks in your photo shoot. Yeah, purple hardly fades in blondes, and that’s great for you since you’ll be able to wear this shade for a quite some time. How is it now? I hope you’re not having a hard time maintaining its glory.

    Susie Lauri

  5. This color lightened my hair even more than the Loreal Extra Bleach ...

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