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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Georgie the little ghost and why I haven't written a children's book yet.

I love the Georgie books! I remember seeing them at the library when I was little. I never owned any copies, but I wish I had. They were a series of books by author and illustrator Robert Bright. The first Georgie book was published in 1944.

I LOVED Halloween books when I was young. My local library would use a sticker to categorize holiday books. The Halloween books would have a bright orange sticker with the black silhouette of a witch. So, I would often go to the library and only look for the books with that sticker.

I found these images from another really neat blog called Curious Pages. Curious Pages spotlights off-beat and not so politically correct ( I guess you could say) children's books. The blog header line says, "recommended inappropriate books for kids" which made me feel a little sad because a lot of the books on this blog are completely awesome books. And as a kid, they were some of my favorite books, like Georgie! Georgie was different and so-not-boring.

This made me start to think of the kind of children's books I would like to write...I do plan on writing one, one day, but I've been waiting for inspiration. Most of the characters I create, I picture them not speaking. Sort of like how Snoopy doesn't talk, but he's probably the smartest peanut in the Peanuts Gang. I've been thinking of creating a picture book with no words. The only time I feel comfortable giving my character's voices is through animation or comics. Hmmm why is this? I don't have time to analyze that thought today (maybe it's because I have dyslexia), but from that thought, I've come up with some other different ideas not standard or traditional for children's books. I've been shy about going forward with these ideas because I work in the children's market. I know so many praised books that have heartwarming messages teaching children about love and life, but what if a kid just wants to read or look at a book for the sake of pure fun and fantasy? That's part of life too. What's wrong with a cute, little ghost trying to find a home to haunt? There are kids out there that want to read books like that too. I was one of them.


  1. Yeah, I always just liked looking at books to see what weird and interesting things the characters were doing and imagined myself doing them. I honestly don't even remember what any of the stories were about. That's why I love Dr. Seuss so much. It's more nonsensical and whimsical with odd characters that you meet. To me, this rings truer to "real-life" with its message because in real-life you meet odd personalities that you have to deal with that will remind you of "The Cat In The Hat" or "Marvin K. Mooney" lol!

  2. haha! yes so true! And most of the time in real life, characters are very mysterious and they come and go, just like the Cat and The Hat did. We never know when they will leave or when they might come back! Like Georgie did, ahhhh!