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Friday, March 8, 2013

Introduction: First Post!

A couple days ago sent out an email saying they were closing down! I had a lot of personal blog posts on it. Posts that I wouldn't normally put on my art blog like pictures of my ever changing style and hair color, also pictures of my Yoda collection! So that means, I must start again with a new home for my personal "personal" blog and that will be here! I also have two other blogs on blogger, my art one: and my UFO one: P.S. I use a lot of exclamations when I write because I really do get excited about things in real life! P.S.S. I can't believe I used a P.S. and did you know that P.S. stands for -Postscript, writing added after the main body of a letter? I actually never really knew that till I just looked it up right now, but then I sorta remembered, "oh yeah, that makes sense."

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