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How To Dye Your Hair Purple: Fade Results

I think it's been about three weeks since I last touched up my purple hair. I basically just re-applied Violet Night by Manic Panic to all of my hair except the front and tips where I had it pink and blue before. I decided to try a prettier pastel-like color in my bangs so I chose Electric Amethyst, also by Manic Panic. It washed out very quickly. I wash my hair every other day and as you can see the Violet Night fades very nicely to a lavender, but I didn't have much luck with Electric Amethyst. It faded to a silvery-gray-blue. I'm not really loving the gray-blue, so I think the next time I do a touch up, I might try a purple-ish magenta in my bangs and the tips or just do all Violet Night again.

Here are some pictures I took. The first one is with a cooler photo light and the other two are with a warmer photo light. The high-lights and low-lights in my hair really show through when the color starts to fade. To create the multiple tones of purple in my hair, I lighted my …

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